Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement Tonight – Rumor Roundup

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Samsung is holding a press event for the launch of their Galaxy S4 Android phone tonight in Time Square at Radio City Music Hall at 7pm EST. There’s been quite a few rumors about this phone, and tonight is the night to see how many of those are true. Samsung has been the biggest manufacturer of Android phones for a while now, bigger than HTC and Motorola. Their Galaxy line has become extremely popular over the past few years and their timing of this event is perfect. Windows Phone 8 launched recently, Blackberry has made their announcements and the iPhone5 is about 6 months old now with only rumors of a 5S coming out this fall. The biggest competition for Android will be the recently announced HTC One.

So far the basic rumors are that it’ll have a bigger screen than the Galaxy SIII, somewhere between that and their Note II. It’ll also have a better processor and probably more RAM.

The more interesting rumors include an eye-tracking feature that will scroll down an article as you’re reading so you don’t have to scroll on the screen yourself or it’ll pause a video if you look away from your screen. Another one is a hover-mode for the touchscreen where you can perform gestures without actually touching the screen.

Tonight will be the moment of truth.

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