Review: OLALA ID100 iDisk iPhone External Memory Stick

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OLALA ID100 64GB iDisk iPhone External Memory Stick

OLALA ID100 64GB iDisk iPhone External Memory Stick







Ease Of Use





  • Portable
  • USB3.0 Speeds
  • Set Passcode & Touch ID for iDisk App


  • Required to Allow App Connection Every Use
  • Can't Save iTunes Protected Media
  • Connection Ports Don't Fully Retract

About a month ago, I reviewed the OLALA ID101N iDisk External Flash Drive and walked away impressed by it. This time around, I’m reviewing the OLALA ID100 iDisk External Memory Stick, which also features 64GB of external storage for your iPhone. This drive also requires the iDisk Me app to view the contents on the memory stick. You’ll be prompted to install this app when you first connect it to your iPhone. If the app is already installed, you’ll be prompted to open the iDisk Me app when you connect the OLALA ID100 iDisk External Memory Stick. This memory stick is a great way to store videos and pictures without using up your built-in storage of your iPhone.

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When it comes to performance for the device, I felt it was average but fast. The write speed was decent and I was able to copy a 1Gb video in under a minute. I copied a .m4v and .avi file to it and both videos played back on my iPhone with no buffering or stuttering. The iDisk app also has a built-in meter that shows your iPhone’s disk usage as well as the Flash Drive’s disk usage.


The slider for the lightning and USB connectors is a good idea, but the downside with the design of the OLALA ID100 iDisk External Memory Stick is that one of the connectors always has to be sticking out. You cannot put the slider in the middle and have both connectors hidden inside the device. To protect the connectors, you’re given a plastic cover that will only fit over the lightning connector. In my opinion, the device could have added a little width so that it could have kept both connectors hidden inside of it and the slider would have a locking position in the middle. This would eliminate the need for a plastic cover.


I was very pleased with the performance of the OLALA ID100 iDisk External Memory Stick, and the price couldn’t get much better. It is ideal for commuters or travelers that want to watch a few videos on their iPhone without using up their phone’s storage space.

To purchase the device, visit Amazon.

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