Review: Humixx Magnetic Phone Holder

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Review: Humixx Magnetic Phone Holder 1

I purchased the Humixx Magnetic Phone Holder while looking for a good car mount to use my phone as a GPS. I’ve tried windshield mounts, dash mounts, vent mounts, etc, but I never tried a magnetic one. This magnetic phone holder comes with the mount, a couple of magnetic discs for your phone, and a couple of 3M tape pieces to stick the mount to your dashboard.

I have a thin case for my iPhone 8 Plus, so I decided to stick the magnetic disc inside my phone case and I was surprised at how strong the magnet was given its size. When I held the phone next to the mount, you could feel how strong the magnet was.

Unfortunately, that’s where the excitement ended for me. I brought the mount out to my car and tried to find a good place to mount it on my dashboard. The first issue was that the swivel didn’t offer a good angle for my phone. It wouldn’t angle down far enough to be in a vertical position. The second issue was that the 3M tape that came with the mount wouldn’t stick to the dashboard of my Ford Escape. While the magnet for the phone was very strong, I wasn’t able to use this Humixx Magnetic Phone Holder since it wouldn’t stick to my dashboard.

Buy the Humixx Magnetic Phone Holder on Amazon today for $14.99 with Prime.

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