Redbox Instant Video Xbox360 Exclusive

>>>Redbox Instant Video Xbox360 Exclusive


Redbox Instant Video has been in beta for a while now. Looking to compete with Netflix, today, Redbox announced an exclusive deal that will put it on the XBox 360 console. If you’re not already in the beta program, you can sign up here, and eventually you will get a code to install the app on your XBox.

The combination disc/streaming service costs $6/month for just streaming, $8/month for streaming and four DVDs from a Redbox kiosk and unlimited streaming, or $9/month for all of that plus Blu-ray. The Xbox app gives you access to new releases even if you’re not a subscriber, and it supports gestures through Kinect.

Official launch is rumored to be sometime in March. There’s also no mention if an XBox Live Gold account is required.

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