Powerbeats Pro Review, Unboxing, and Apple AirPods Comparison

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Powerbeats Pro








Ease Of Use


Sound Quality



  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Variety of Ear Tips
  • Easy Pairing
  • Long Battery Life
  • Charging Case


  • Large Charging Case
  • No Wireless Charging Case
  • Ear Tips can make ears sore after long use
  • No customizable button controls

Powerbeats Pro

We don’t do reviews very often here, but we think you’ll want to read this one if you’re on the market for some truly wireless headphones or earbuds. I’ve been eyeing the Apple AirPods for a while now, but I always struggled keeping the regular Apple earbuds in my ears, so I held off on the Airpods and kept using my Powerbeats 3. My general use case is for commuting on a train, walking in downtown Chicago, cycling on an indoor trainer, and running inside and outside. I would prefer to have one set of headphones that I could use for everything. I’ve tried other headphones, and I always experienced dropouts while walking in downtown Chicago. The Powerbeats 3 never gave me that issue.

Then Apple announced the new totally wireless Powerbeats Pro back in May. I still waited because of the hefty price tag, at $249.95 and I didn’t do the pre-order. Apple said they would be in retail stores on May 10th, but you couldn’t find them anywhere, not even in Apple stores. So I ordered them online and waited. They finally arrived and I think they were worth the wait!

Powerbeats Pro Ordering

Unfortunately as of this writing, there’s still a way to receive the Powerbeats Pro. They’re still not available in stores, but some online retailers are letting you place orders with shipments happening within 2 to 4 weeks. You can order direct from Apple/Beats, or try Amazon or Best Buy, just to name a few.

Currently, the Powerbeats Pro are only available in black, but more colors are coming this summer.

Powerbeats Pro Unboxing

Powerbeats Pro box
The box is a typical Apple and Beats box, simple and sleek.

Powerbeats Pro case
When you open the box, you’re presented with the Powerbeats Pro case with the Beats logo.

Powerbeats Pro Case and Accessories
When you remove the case, you’re presented with a neatly wrapped lightning cable and the different sized earbuds. Under that, you’ll have a Quick Start guide and some other standard documentation. You can’t forget the Beats sticker is there too!

Powerbeats Pro inside case
When you open the lid to the case, you’ll see the Powerbeats Pro along with a sticker for simple pairing instructions, informing you to keep the headphones in the case to pair.

Powerbeats Pro Usage

Powerbeats Pro

As stated earlier, to pair the Powerbeats Pro, you’ll want to open the case but keep the headphones inside. If you have a newer Apple iPhone, you can set the case near the iPhone and you’ll see a prompt on your iPhone to pair. If you want to pair with a different device using standard bluetooth, keep the headphones in the case and follow the pairing instructions for that device. The headphones are in pairing mode while inside the case with the lid open.

To charge the heaphones and the case, you use the included lightning cable and plug it into the back of the case. The headphones are rated for 9 hours of battery life each, and the charging case will get you up to 24 hours. The Apple AirPods offer both a standard charging case and a wireless charging case, while the Powerbeats Pro only offer a standard charging case.

To use the headphones after pairing, just put them on your ears and they’ll automatically connect. There’s no on/off switch and instead they use a sensor to know when you put them on your ears.

Each headphone has a volume rocker and the Beats button for controls. This is a nice feature that lets you control your music and volume from either ear piece. The Beats button works to skip tracks or go back. The Apple AirPods allows you to customize the tap controls on them, which is missing in the Powerbeats Pro.

The Powerbeats Pro also doesn’t have a Find My feature like the Apple AirPods do.

Powerbeats Pro Sound Quality

If you’ve used Beats previously, you probably aware that they’re known for their bass-heavy sound. This isn’t the case with the new Powerbeats Pro. Many audiophiles out there have said the sound quality is superb. The bass still hits heavy, but it doesn’t mask the highs and mids. If you want more bass, you can always change the EQ settings from your phone.

The sound quality is heavily dependent on the ear tips though. You want to use the tip that fits best in your ear, which for me is the larger size. If I use the medium or smaller sizes, the sound gets tinny since I don’t have a good suction in my ear. Unfortunately, the larger tips can also make my ears a little sore after 2+ hours of listening.

Powerbeats Pro Final Thoughts

Overall I’m very impressed by the new Powerbeats Pro headphones. The sound quality is excellent and I don’t have to worry about the falling out of my ears. They’ve been great for cardio workouts and the long battery life has outlasted any commuting and workouts I’ve done.

I do with they would allow for customizable controls like the Airpods, but the built-in controls work just fine. I also wish they would have a smaller charging case or a wireless charging option. Since the headphones are rated for 9 hours, I can usually just take them with me and leave the case behind, so it isn’t much of an issue.

If you’re in the market for a new truly wireless headphones, I would definitely put the Powerbeats Pro at the top of the list to try out.

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