Photoshop and Office 2016 Stability Fixes in the Works for macOS Sierra Users

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Following the release of macOS Sierra last month, the latest operating system has caused some compatibility and stability issues with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac that both companies are working to resolve. There has not been any official dates released for fixes, but both companies have published official articles acknowledging the issues and promises to release updates to fix them.

Adobe Photoshop

A large number of users on Adobe’s support community claim that Photoshop CC crashes when attempting to print projects after updating to macOS Sierra. Adobe has acknowledged the issue in a support document, noting that Photoshop CC version 2015.5 or earlier may crash while printing to some printers from Macs running macOS Sierra. Adobe said its engineers are working on a solution for a future update to Photoshop CC.

Printing Issues

Adobe recommends users make sure their printer driver is up-to-date. Just updating the driver may not work and users may need to delete the driver, delete the printer, install the latest driver then install the printer.

The Cmd+Space keyboard shortcut in macOS Sierra launches both Siri and the Zoom In tool

Solution: Change the keyboard shortcut for Siri.

User Interface redraw issue when dragging the scroll bars in dialogs and panels

Workaround: Hover over the scrollable area and use the mousewheel or trackpad gesture to scroll the panel instead of clicking on the scroll bar and dragging it up and down.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft has acknowledged that Office 2016 for Mac closes unexpectedly, or crashes, for some macOS Sierra users. The company’s engineers are working with Apple to investigate and resolve the issue.

Temporary Workaround:
Until a fix is released, a new support document suggests turning off “Auto Proxy Discovery” or “Automatic Proxy Configuration” as a possible workaround, if allowed by your personal or organization’s network configuration.

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