New Photography Hobby

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In addition to our ongoing personal fitness goals, the wife and I have decided to take up a new hobby…photography. We both have been interested in it for a while now and we’re always taking pictures with our smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras. We have a couple of iPhones in the house and I have a Nokia Lumia 1520. I tend to take nature and landscape pictures while she’s big into action and motion shots. It is a good balance to cover all types of photography.

As an upgrade to our phones and point-and-shoot cameras, we bought a Sony NEX-5t, mirrorless DSLR camera the other day as our starter camera. The reviews looked good and so far we’re happy with our purchase. The price wasn’t as high as the high-end ones, but it offers many of the same features and customizations.

Tonight we’re going to try to photograph the Supermoon if the weather permits and it is not too cloudy.

We’re both the type that needs to keep our minds active or we get bored very easily. While work does a good job of that for both of us, we wanted to start a hobby together. Something that we’re both amateurs in and we can read and learn about together. We’re excited to start on our new venture together. You’ll be seeing a lot more pictures posted on this blog.

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