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rbrussell_logo_whitebg_sq_nowordsAs my website continues to grow, I will always be looking at features and other ways to improve the user experience. If you’re a regular follower, then you probably know that this is a hobby of mine. I enjoy writing and I love technology. Some of my articles are more personal than others where I might talk about general things going on in my life. Others might be about fitness, where I’m definitely not an expert, but I’m always willing to learn new things and while my goal is to lose weight, the ultimate goal is to just live a healthy life. Most of my articles are about technology, ranging from tutorials and tips to new devices and apps coming out. My theory behind my tutorial articles are if I had to search for it to fix a problem, I’m sure there are other people out there looking for the same thing. Sometimes what I’m looking for is a well-discussed topic, and other times it can take a lot of research to find a solution to a problem.


As the Systems Administrator for a once fairly large online community, I came to appreciate forums or message boards. It offered users a way to bring new topics for discussion and it was a way for the community to interact. With a blog, the author decides the topics to post and the users can reply to them with comments. As some of my articles have become more popular, I’ve started to see more comments that are off topic. While they are really simple, I’ve added back the Forums. There was some activity a few years ago, and those discussions are still available. It will probably take some time before they become more active, but I will leave them available for people to use. If the forums continue to grow, then I’ll look into merging them into a more robust forum platform.


Some of you may have heard about this app and it might be new to others. Tapatalk is basically an app available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone that lets you follow multiple forums from one place. They also have it integrated with the blog portion of my website if you’re using it on an iOS device. That means you can follow my site and it’ll keep you updated on new articles and new forum activity. You can read my articles, leave comments, and interact in the forums. If you haven’t tried it before, go download the app and check it out.


As always, feel free to leave your feedback below in the comments. You can also use my Contact Us page if you would like to send me a message privately.

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