Microsoft SkyDrive Introducing Photo Timelines And Faster Uploads

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As the competition for cloud storage continues to heat up, Microsoft has announced a few new features it will be rolling out within the next 48 hours to its SkyDrive service.

All Photos View

This view will be updated like the image above, which will sort all of your pictures into a timeline view. They’ll be organized into groups based on events and times. You’ll also be given the opportunity to view your pictures in Filmstrip View, which will let you watch then in a slideshow.


Improved Upload Performance From SkyDrive Desktop

Microsoft has also tweaked the server-side and client-side code in its SkyDrive Desktop App, which will make a 2-3x speed improvement for uploading.

Other Updates

They’ve also announced that full-resolution uploads from Windows Phone 8 will be rolling out in all markets.

There’s also a new layout for thumbnails and Powerpoint and Word docs will also be getting thumbnails.

Source: Windows Blog

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