Microsoft Sets Surface Pro Release For February 9th

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Originally thought to be launched at the end of January, Microsoft has now announced the release date for its Surface Pro tablet, February 9th. The big brother to the Surface RT will be available in Microsoft Stores, Staples, and Best Buy. Pricing starts at $899 with options for 64GB or 128GB of storage space. It also features an Intel Core i5 processor.


Microsoft has launched a “Help Me Choose” page, which compares the features of the Surface RT and Surface Pro. The Pro is slightly larger and heavier, but has a better processor, more storage, and can run your pre-Windows 8 apps from desktop mode. The RT comes with Office pre-installed, which you’ll have to buy separately on the Pro.

There’s no mention of a 4G LTE version available through mobile carriers yet, so these are all WiFi-only.

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