Microsoft Reveals Specs Surface RT vs Surface Pro

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Now that you can pre-order the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT, Microsoft has released a spec comparison between the RT version and the Pro version, at least as far as the hardware is concerned.

As you can see, the RT version has Office already installed, while the Pro version doesn’t. However, the Pro version will have Media Player for music and videos. The Pro version will also be able to run regular Windows 7 programs.

For the hardware, the Pro will have 2GB more memory, an Intel i5 processor, a 10-point touchscreen (versus 5), and a higher resolution display.

You can pre-order the RT now, starting at $499 and have it in your hands by October 26th. Pricing for the Pro hasn’t been released yet, and only a rumored release date of January 2013 so far.

So, would you prefer getting the RT now, or holding out for the Pro?

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