760997522windows-8_1-gold_mediumToday, Microsoft has pushed out three more updates for Windows 8.1 Preview for both Pro and RT devices. As usual, make sure your Automatic Updates are turned on, or manually check for updates today.

These three updates include:

Update for Windows 8.1 Preview that enables service metadata packages to work correctly

This updates resolves an issue that could cause the service metadata packages of some network operators not to function. For example, the tethering feature does not work as expected.

Update that improves the stability of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 Preview

An update is available for Windows 8.1 Preview that improves the stability of the SkyDrive service.

You cannot view a webpage that contains a timer in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

This update resolves issue in which Internet Explorer 11 Preview incorrectly does not start VBScript code that is associated with a timer, causing the webpage to not appear or behave as expected.