Microsoft Expanding Windows 10 on XBox One Experience To All Preview Users

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This weekend might become a good weekend for you if you’re a Preview Participant for the XBox One. According to a tweet from Microsoft’s Partner Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform, Mike Ybarra, all users who have opted in for NXOE (New Xbox One Experience) will be in within 24 hours. This tweet was posted yesterday afternoon.

The new experience features Windows 10 at the core, and it makes the overall experience faster and more complete. The new dashboard moves away from the tile design in favor to a more Windows 10 like experience.

If you’re part of the Xbox One Preview Program keep checking your Xbox One notifications, as you will soon get the message to install the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) in your console.

If you didn’t opt-in for Windows 10, Microsoft is planning to roll it out in November.

How To Opt-In To New XBox One Experience

If you’re already a Preview Participant, launch the XBox Preview Dashboard from your Apps. From there, select Registration, then Change and select Preview-New XBox One Experience as seen below.


Microsoft Walkthrough Of Features

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