Microsoft BUILD 2013 Windows 8 App Announcements – Facebook, Flipboard, VS 2013 & More

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buildWhile the big news at the Microsoft BUILD 2013 developer’s conference has been the Windows 8.1 Preview, they also just announced a couple of apps coming to Windows 8.

First up is an official Facebook app. Twitter released an app a while ago, but Facebook has yet to be seen. Microsoft has announced that it is in the works though.

Next is Flipboard, the popular newsreader app for iOS and Android. It’s supposed to be “the best version of Flipboard possible” according to a quote from the company’s CEO Mike McCue.

They also announced that the NFL will be releasing a Fantasy Football app before the 2013 season starts.

ING has also released their banking app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft also put on a demo of the upcoming Metro/Modern-UI Microsoft Office, which is expected to be released in 2014.

For Developers

Microsoft has also launched a Bing platform for developers which will let programmers tap the search engine’s wealth of knowledge, providing direct information and translations when they’re relevant. It should also grant access to natural interfaces, such as gestures, as well as real-world map data.

Another big announcement for developers is Visual Studio 2013, which will allow programmers to create new software inside the system itself, bringing on a massive amount of diagnostic tools as well as a 5,000 new APIs for integration with new creations of all sorts.


You can download a preview version of Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio Express 2013 through the Microsoft Visual Studio Portal.

The final versions will be coming later this year.

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