Losing Faith In FitBit – From A Loyal User Of 2 Years

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I first joined FitBit in 2013 when I bought my Flex wristband. I enjoyed it that I bought my wife one shortly afterwards then her daughter bought one as well. We’ve all used the Flex wristbands with minimal issues. We’ve had a couple of bands crack on us around the display window but the Flex bands are readily available and easy to replace. We’ve had the Flex stop charging, but that was easily fixed by cleaning the contacts. I gave them some publicity and excitement when they announced the new FitBit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge. I was most excited about the Surge.

Now for my rant.

#1 FitBit Force Recall
When FitBit first announced the Force wristband, I wanted to upgrade my Flex to it. I was looking forward to it because then I wouldn’t have to wear my nice watch to work but I would still be able to check the time without using my phone. It also monitored stairs, which the Flex doesn’t do. My problem was that I couldn’t find it in stores anywhere around the Chicagoland area. Then they announced the recall because of it causing rashes. Once that recall came out, FitBit never recovered from it and stores just stopped carrying the Force.

#2 FitBit Charge Button Fell Off
Last month, my wife and I checked out the Charge in a sporting goods store since it was released before the Charge HR and Surge. She loved it as soon as we saw it. Being able to check the time and see your progress in numbers instead of dots was a huge benefit. She’s been enjoying it for a little over a month now with no major complaints. Until yesterday! She usually doesn’t wear it at night (even though it tracks sleep), so she keeps it on her nightstand. Yesterday morning, she picked it up to put it on and the little button fell out of it! That’s right, it just fell off! It didn’t bump against anything, it just fell out of the wristband. I’ll be calling FitBit support today to see what can be done since it should still be under warranty, but for only being a month old, this is poor manufacturing and poor quality control.

#3 False Advertising for FitBit Surge
My last complaint is with the new FitBit Surge. I saw when FitBit said it was available to order now on the day they made the announcement. I went into the FitBit store and placed my order that same day, within hours of the announcement. There was nothing said about a delay or being backordered. Once I checked out, it showed a note saying it was on backorder for 4-6 weeks. About a week later I thought I should be safe and order the XL band instead of the L band, so I cancelled my first order and placed another one with the same 4-6 week backorder. If a company makes an announcement that a product is available now, then it should not be backordered within minutes of making the announcement. And now with the button issue on my wife’s Charge, I’m not even sure if I want to spend my money on FitBit’s Surge. I could spend my money on another tracker/smartwatch.

I still like the FitBit, but I’m not sure if I want to put anymore money into the company if I’ve experienced all of these problems.

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