Jailbreak Tool Released For Windows 8 RT – You Can Now Run Unsigned Apps

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There’s been much confusion in the general public about the differences between Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT. Basically, the main difference is that the RT version cannot run unsigned apps that aren’t in the Microsoft Store. This means that you’re limited to installing apps that are officially available that Microsoft approves and you can’t run your old Windows XP/Vista/7 apps.

That’s all about to change though if you’re willing to do a little hacking on your computer! A member over at XDA has released a batching tool that essentially jailbreaks your Windows RT device and allows you to install and run unsigned apps just like Windows 8. The main exception is that most Windows RT devices run on ARM processors, not x86 like most PCs. Because of this, apps probably have to be re-compiled to support ARM-based processors. There are a few tools available for this, but its not for your average user.

The hack enables people to launch unsigned desktop applications compiled for ARM-based RT devices.

The tool takes advantage of a hack revealed earlier this week by someone identified only as clrokr. In a blog, clrokr explained how he was able to change a value in the Windows RT kernel to bypass certain restrictions put in place by Microsoft. Those restrictions determine what type of applications RT can run, such as Windows Store apps and desktop apps.

Of course, there are a few gotchas for anyone who wants to run the hack.

The value can only be changed in memory, so the batch file must be triggered each time the RT device boots up.

Source: CNet

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