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All of my Linux servers are setup with Apache or Nginx with the ability to run PHP and MySQL.

Managed Shared Server
Price: $20.00/Month
This is the most affordable option as long as you don’t require a lot of storage space or RAM. It is ideal for small scale sites without much traffic.

Managed Shared VPS Server
Price: $50.00/Month
With this solution, I will purchase a VPS server and share our section of that server between different clients. This is the best solution for a Linux server. Availability and bandwidth depends on the number of users we have on the server. Contact me for more details.

Managed Dedicated Server
Price: $300.00/Month ($150 Setup Fee)
If you need a full server dedicated to your site, then this is the best solution for you, and affordable. 4GB RAM, 350GB Storage Space, 2000GB Monthly Bandwidth.

Unmanaged VPS Server
Price: $65.00/Month
If you’re comfortable running your own server and just want me to set it up for you, this solution will give you root access to your server and allow you to manage every aspect of it. 512Mb RAM, 20GB Storage, 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server
Price: $270.00/Month ($150 Setup Fee)
Same features as the Managed Dedicated Server but you have full root access to manage it instead of us.

If you want another configuration, please contact me and request a special price quote.

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