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I have a wide-variety of hosting options available. I have shared-hosting on both Linux and Windows for small-scale websites that don’t require many resources or bandwidth. If shared-hosting isn’t enough, I can also offer a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This offers more resources dedicated to your site, but it isn’t fully dedicated. Finally, I can provide a top-of-the-line dedicated server to meet all of your needs.

I also offer Server Management options. If you need (or have) a VPS or dedicated server, but don’t have the manpower to manage it, I can do it for you! I can tweak different services to provide you the most out of your resources.

The first thing you need to have your own website is a domain name. I offer Domain Registration to help get you started. I have all of the top tools needed to run a domain for a competitive price.

Finally, I can Manage Your Domain Apps for you. For a minimal fee, I can setup and manage Google Apps for Businesses or Windows Live for Domains, which includes email, chat, calendars, etc.

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