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I offer competitive priced web development on many levels, from a basic site to a very complex, dynamic site. I have the best tools available such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Microsoft Visual Studio. So whether you need a few basic pages, complex forms, or an advanced online application, I have the right solution for you!

Building Process

Step 1 – Initial Consultation and Proposal
In this phase, information is collected and analyzed. I then identify objectives and consider them in the context of practical parameters such as budget and time frame.

The scope and depth of a project begins to materialize during this phase and a cost proposal is presented.

Step 2 – Site Planning and Architecture
The information and materials collected are organized by level of priority. This is where the structure begins to take shape and a prototype is created.

Most visitors to a Web Site are looking for information. My job is to make that information easily accessible and insure that if they move in the wrong direction they can get back on track without getting lost.

This is where I:
– Defines the navigation & flow of the information.
– Identifies resources needed for the project.
– Decides on the site’s overall concept and layout.

Step 3 – Design and Implementation
In this phase, the project takes on form in shapes, colors and other visual or textual elements that bridge the parts of the project developed in the definition and architecture phases.

It is in the design phase that a project acquires a look and feel. This is not the only phase in which design plays a part, but it is where the creativity that gives the project its personality is employed. It is also where the visual metaphors that support and enhance the architecture of the information are devised.

Once the navigation and design prototype is approved the site moves into production. During the implementation phase the site comes to life. Content is added as well as any necessary programming or enhancements. The most engaging content is ultimately the interactive multimedia elements such as video presentations, flash animation and slideshows, as shown in the chart below. We can create any dynamic media you may need during the content development process.

During this phase:
– Decide upon the overall look and feel of the Web site.
– Format provided materials for use on the Web.
– Implement color palettes, photographs, illustrations, fonts and any necessary materials.
– Implement the design as specified in the design and architecture phases.

Step 4 – Testing and Analysis
When the production of the site is complete it is placed on the Web in a temporary location. The site can be password protected if the client chooses.

During this phase I will go through the site with a fine toothed comb making sure all interactive components are working properly. In addition, I will test the site on multiple platforms using different web browsers, resolutions, color depths and connection rates ensuring that the final product is accessible to the widest range of Internet users. Any inconsistencies and errors will be corrected at this time.

Step 5 – Launch and Follow-up
After rigorous testing the site will be made live to the public. After the site has been launched I will meet with the client to review the initial reactions to the site, review the first months hit reports and plan any additional development, maintenance, training or positioning.

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