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Technology Consultation
Talk with a specialist about your home computers, networking and computer peripherals and get the feedback and advice you need for integrating them with this technology consultation service for Mac or PC. I will review your current devices and recommend integration, upgrades and purchases to enhance your home network setup.

iPod Setup & Training
Take your music library to go with this Apple® iPod® setup and training service. I will show you how to transfer and manage your iPod collection on your computer, burn songs onto CDs or load tracks on your iPod player. I’ll also walk you through how to use your iPod.

One-Hour Training
Learn how to use your PC with this 1-hour online personal training session. Pick a topic and learn at your own pace on your own computer in the comfort of your home.

Two-Hour Training
Make sure your computer questions are answered with this 2-hour basic training session. I will meet with you in your home to run through the basics of using your PC.

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