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TeamViewer Quick Support – Remote Desktop app. Just provide me with the ID and random password when you run the app. This version is for Quick Support and doesn’t install anything on your system.

TeamViewer Install Version – Same as the version above, but it will install as a system service and will stay running in your system tray (by the clock) for quick access.

Microsoft Security Essentials – FREE Antivirus and one of the top-rated among the tech industry. No more subscription fees.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – Great free app for removing pop-ups and other spyware and malware that can get onto your system.

CCleaner – Great little app to clean up the junk temp files that get on your system. Can clear Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, the Temp folder, etc.

McAfee Software Removal Tool – Direct from McAfee, a tool to completely remove their products from your system.

Malware-Spyware-Virus Removal

Be sure to checkout this page for removal tools and how-to’s –


TeamViewer Installation & Configuration

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