Intel Considering Soldering Processors To Motherboards

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Intel Considering Soldering Processors To Motherboards 1

I remember the day when I built my first desktop computer, almost 12 years ago now. The excitement of going to Fry’s Electronics without much of a budget and an empty shopping cart, reading specs of each component and deciding what was best for me. Piece by piece, I selected my motherboard, processor, memory, video card, hard drive, casing, etc. This is definitely the way enthusiasts went, and it was also cheaper than buying a manufactured one. Today is a different story. You can go to a store now and get a desktop on a budget, which makes it hard for custom-made machines to compete.

Now, CNet is reporting that it looks like Intel might be changing the way all this works. They’re talking about soldering their processors onto the motherboards. This may not happen until 2014, and it sounds like nothing has been confirmed yet, but it is a possibility.

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