How To Run Some Full Windows x86 Apps On An Unlocked Surface RT

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If you’re the owner of a Microsoft Surface RT, then you’re probably aware of the fact that you can only run ARM applications from the Microsoft Store. If you’re brave enough to unlock your Surface RT (instructions for that can be found here), then you can also run this little emulator app that will let you run a few x86 apps and games. It is only in beta form and more apps will be added as its being developed.

The programs that have been test so far include:
1) WinRAR
2) 3D Pinball (Windows 95)
3) Heroes of Might (32 bit)
4) Magic 3 (32 bit)
5) ”7zG.exe b” – a 7Zip benchmark. “b” here is a command line parameter.
6) and several other tiny programs.

The programs that will be added in a future version include:
1) Age of Empires
2) Command & Conquer
3) Jagged Alliance 2
4) uTorrent

You can find the download and more information over at XDA-Developers.

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