How To Receive Google Now Notifications In Chrome Windows Browser Using Android

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chromeYou might have seen my article yesterday about the new Rich Notification Center in the Google Chrome browser for Windows and Chrome OS. This article will explain how you can get notifications from Google Now using your Android smartphone. There’s rumors that Google Now will be coming to the Chrome Browser, and there’s even some settings for it in chrome://flags, but those aren’t functioning yet.

Using this setup will also show all of your Android notifications on your desktop, not only Google Now.

Getting Started

1) In your Chrome browser, make sure you have the Rich Notification Center enabled. In the URL bar, go to chrome://flags and look for the setting to enable. It is near the bottom.

2) Download Android Desktop Notifications from the Chrome Web Store here. Install the extension.

3) Next, you’ll want to download Desktop Notifications from the Play Store on your Android phone. You can get it from here.

4) Run the Android Desktop Notifications app from your Chrome browser on your desktop.

5) Write down the pairing code that is displayed.

6) Run the Desktop Notifications app on your phone and enter the pairing code.

There are a few other settings you can look at. Doing this will also display your missed calls, texts, etc. on your desktop, but will not allow you to control your phone.

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