How To Fix Chrome 69 Address Bar Changing Website Addresses and Material Design

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Today Google launched Chrome 69 with some new features, a new design and a new password manager. While using the new browser, you might notice some changes in the address bar after a website loads. In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that the URL only shows instead of Webmasters can setup different sites on the server side, so technically I could have one site at and another one at, and other various subdomains. In my opinion, the fact that Google is automatically changing this display behavior is a bad idea when it comes to information security. It also hides the HTTPS or HTTP part of the web address. If it is an HTTPS site, you’ll see the SSL lock and the domain name as seen with

How To Fix Chrome 69 Address Bar Hide Steady State URL

To change the address bar behavior in Chrome 69 you can open Chrome and enter chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-scheme-and-subdomains in the address bar, then set it to Disabled. Then click the Relaunch Now button to restart the browser.

How To Disable Chrome 69 Material Design

If you don’t like the new Material Design in Chrome 69, you can also disable that with a settings flag. Open Chrome and enter chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md in the address bar. You can change it to Normal to go back to the old theme. To change it back to the new theme you can change it to Default or Refresh. Then click the Relaunch Now button to restart the browser.

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