Google’s Mod_Pagespeed Is Ready To Make The Web Faster

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Google's Mod_Pagespeed Is Ready To Make The Web Faster 1

Google has been beta testing an Apache module, dubbed Mod_Pagespeed since 2010. It’s an open-source module that can automatically optimize your web pages to improve download and rendering speeds. If you have your site hosted at places like DreamHost or GoDaddy, they’ve already been using this module for a while now. With this announcement, Google has removed the Beta tag and has made it available for server administrators to install it on their own servers.

Mod_pagespeed is one of Google’s many initiatives to make the web faster. The module applies up to 40 different optimization filters. It can, for example, optimize your images by compressing and resizing them automatically. Other optimizations include domain sharing and rewriting, CSS and JavaScript concatenation and minification, as well as deferred loading of images and JavaScript.

Here’s an in-depth, hour-long video going into some pretty interesting details…

Source: TechCrunch

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