Google+ Updates For Android & iOS & Web

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Google announced today an update for the Google+ app for Android users. One new feature is the ability to interact with the Google+ Communities, which just launched last week. It also allows for full-size photo uploads. Now, if you have the Instant Upload feature turned on, up to 5GB of full-size images can be privately uploaded to your Google+ account to share later. Google has also added increased support for its new Photo Sphere technology. You’ll still need to use Android 4.2 to actually shoot Photo Spheres, but once they’ve been shared to Google+, any user running Froyo or later will be able to see the homemade 360-view images.

The update will be available later today.


Google has also released an update for iOS which includes Communities, profile editing, and better event handling. It is now at v4.0.

On iOS, our new version lets you swipe through photo albums inline; you can tap once to view photos in all their glory; and the iPhone app now applies a subtle pan-zoom-scale effect to pictures in the stream.

You can download the iOS version here.


They’re also rolling out updates to the web interface which will include improvements to solo broadcasts via Hangouts on Air, the ability to easily create duplicate events and easier RSVPing. You’ll find more details over at Google’s full feature breakdown, linked below.

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