Google Turns On Google+ Sign-Ins & In-App Posting

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Today Google made a move to bring Google+ closer to Facebook and Twitter. They’ve opened up Google+ Sign-ins for websites, similar to Facebook Connect and Sign In With Twitter. Some sites already using this feature include: FitBit,,, the UK Guardian newspaper, and USA Today.

• On Android devices only, using your Google account to sign into a Web site gives you the option to have that site’s app automatically downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. You also have the option to decline. Apple does not allow that flexibility for iOS devices.

• Developers who are using custom programming environments — for cross-platform coding, for instance — may not benefit from the iOS or Android SDKs until those environments are updated. But they can still use Web-based authentication. (Details will be posted at

• Google+ streams now feature “interactive” posts with buttons that can trigger another app when tapped from a mobile device. Tapping the “Listen” button from an NPR Google+ post might launch NPR’s app, for instance. Developers can select from a palette of about 100 different pre-defined buttons but are not currently permitted to create their own.

Source: Google Blog

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