Google Play Hits 25 Billion and Celebrates With Sale

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Google Play Hits 25 Billion and Celebrates With Sale 1

When the year started, the Google Play Store was at 10 billion downloads. With a few months left in the year, Google is now celebrating another milestone with over 25 billion downloads. To celebrate, Google is putting lots of things on sale over the next 5 days.

First up is apps where Google is going to offer a selection of some of its top paid apps for just $0.25 each. It sounds like Google’s either going to be expanding that list, or switching-out titles on a daily basis, so keep checking-in to see if anything good’s on sale at the moment.

In addition to the apps, Google’s preparing some special lists of discounted media. You’ll see things like “25 albums that changed the world” or “25 banned books”, and though the 25 cent pricing from the apps won’t carry over, Google still promises some big savings.

Source: PocketNow

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