Google Hangouts App Updated w/ Better Google Voice Integration iOS v2.5.0

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googleYesterday Google released an update to their Hangouts app for iOS. This Google Hangouts app update includes most of the features already available on the Android version:

• New sticker packs!
• When friends ask where you are, share your location in one click with smart sharing suggestions.
• Leave status messages so people know what you’re up to or how you’re feeling.
• Find your friends and family on Hangouts more easily by phone number.
• See SMS and Voicemails from your Google Voice account.
• Improved video call experience and misc bug fixes.

I’ve had a secondary number on Google Voice for a while now and up until now, I always had to use the Google Voice app if I wanted to send a text SMS to someone from that number. With previous versions of the Google Hangouts app, there was no way of syncing your contacts so if you wanted to text someone you had to know their number and just type it in. If someone send you a text, you would have to know their number because their name wouldn’t show anywhere. That is, until now!

How-To Improve Google Voice Integration w/ Google Hangouts 2.5.0+

– Make sure you turn on SMS/Voicemail to Google Hangouts instead of the Google Voice app. You can do this using the desktop Hangouts Chrome app and head into Settings.
– In the Google Hangouts mobile app, click on your profile picture at the top and click on the gear icon to go into settings.
– Scroll down to the option to Sync Contacts and turn that on. Allow the Google Hangouts app to access your contacts.

Once the sync is completed, you can easily send a text to any one of your contacts. You still can’t click compose and start typing in someone’s name because that will only search Hangouts contacts. Instead, you can click on the person icon at the bottom to bring up contacts. The first ones listed will be your frequent Hangouts contacts. If you scroll down, you’ll see your phone’s contacts now. You can also use the search box on that page to search your contacts. When you click on a contact, you’ll get the option to call or send an SMS.

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