Google Adds Rich Notification Center To Chrome Beta

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Today, Google has announced a notification center coming to the Chrome browser, which is currently available in their beta version, build 28, which you can download from here. The beta is currently available for those running Chrome OS or Windows, with a version for OSX and Linux coming soon. These new notifications, which developers can easily add to their own Chrome packaged apps and extensions, will pop up outside of the browser window and live in a center outside of the browser, so users will be able to receive notifications, even if the browser is not open.

Developers can add their own full-bleed icons, images, headlines and short messages to them. Developers can also decide for how long notifications should stay on the screen by specifying different priorities for each alert.

The new notification center will be available through the Windows system tray or from the Chrome OS launcher.


How-To Enable Rich Notifications

It should be enabled by default after installing the beta version. You may need to reboot your computer though. There’s no walkthrough posted yet for anyone having issues getting it running.

Another thing to check is to type chrome://flags in the address bar the scroll down near the bottom and look for “Enable Rich Notifications” and set it to Default or Enabled, then restart the browser. Also enable the “Sync Notifications” option and the “Google Now” option.There’s also reports that doing this will also enable the Rich Notification Center in Chrome 27 as well.

It looks as though the notification icon only shows up in the system tray if you have an active notification. One way to get a notification is to have the Google Music App installed in Chrome. Then open the app, go to Settings > Music Lab Settings and enable Desktop Notifications. Then click Allow on the popup toolbar. After doing that, play a song and you should get a popup rich notification. You can right-click on that notification and go to Settings to see what else has notifications enabled.

For me, as soon as I stopped a song, the icon in the system tray went away.

Looks like they still have some tweaking to do with it.

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