Get A New Windows 10 PC For The Holidays? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

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Now that Christmas is over and everyone has gone through their gifts, it is time to dig into all of your presents. If you got a Windows 10 PC (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc), here are some links to popular tips and tricks.

How To Enable or Disable Specific App Notifications

Changing The Amount Of Time The App Notification Windows Stays Visible

Don’t use OneDrive? Here’s how you can uninstall OneDrive

Do you prefer the older Internet Explorer browser? Here’s how you can find and use Internet Explorer 11

If Windows 10 seems to run slow for you, here’s something you can try to fix Windows 10 running slow

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Enjoy your new Windows 10 PC. In my opinion, it is the best version of Windows to date. There are still a few glitches, but Microsoft has done a good job pushing out updates to resolve common issues.

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