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Windows 8 – Your Take? 2013-01-31T15:10:37+00:00
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  • Robert Russell
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    What’s your opinion of Windows 8 versus 7 and XP? What about compared to Linux and Mac?

    I like it on my tablet and am slowly getting used to it on a traditional laptop, but there’s a huge learning curve for those not tech savvy.

    I do like how they’re working on their ecosystem between PCs, tablets, phones, and the xBox though.

  • Shane Owen
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    Not sure about Windows 8 and how it will play in Corporate America, I have not played with Windows 8, but from what I have seen it is geared towards social networking.

  • Robert Russell
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    A lot of it is social networking, but that stuff can also be locked down. I think they should release an Enterprise version that’s more geared towards businesses with the social stuff removed.

    I think a lot of business might opt for Win8 tablets over Android and iPad though because it can still run their apps.

  • Tinkerbell
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