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    i have built many pc’s yet never had a problem like this. i use a 1080p display, I have 8gb ram, a 500gbSSD (with the os), a 64gbSSD and a 2TB HDD. A i5-3570, and a 3gb amd hd 7970 video card. my motherboard is asrock. on windows 7 i had no problems and could run for example skyrim on ultra settings AND improved graphic mods with very smooth gameplay, bioshock infinte also could be played on ultra. games like fallout 4 could be run smoothly but not maxed out. i complely wiped my ssd and installed windows 10. my computer has never been faster, boot times improved as well. if i play 2d games they run quickly (but they likely arent heavy load anyways) but when i play 3D games the performance is terrible. i have tried windowed mode and i also can lower the settings down all the way but still the games are far to slow. games are installed on my ssd. now you likely will tell me to update my video drivers but believe me thats not the problem. I use amd’s video driver uninstall utility to wipe any amd drivers and i have tried the newest drivers, i have tried much older drivers, all work but equally slow performance in games. i have also tried amd’s auto detect video driver but that too was no better. i have also uninstalled the xbox app and for the hell of it reinstalled directx and .net but again, no improvment. what am i missing? my temp levels are complelty normal without any change. i have used gpu-Z and verifyed my dedicated graphics card is being used. somehow my gpu is totallyed under heavy load yet gives bad fps when i play games. but this only happens on windows 10.

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