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  • Robert Russell
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    I moved all the newsgroup feeds into their own category so you can just minimize the whole category if you don’t want to see them 🙂

    Also, I made it so that they’re not indexed by the vBulletin search engine, so the only way to search them is to use Google, Bing, etc.

  • Robert Russell
    Post count: 122

    I have hidden the newsgroups for registered users. Mainly using them for search engine traffic 😀

    This will also hide them from the “Latest Posts” in Tapatalk.

    If you would like access to them to be able to read and post, you can request it from this page:

    Replying in those threads could help draw some more traffic here too because it’ll show a link back to the thread here.

  • Shane Owen
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    Cool, I joined the group, will try to reply to them as often as I can.

  • Tinkerbell
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    Cool. I did as well. Thanks guys!

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