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I don’t recall what I was taking in for carbs, I haven’t been tracking for awhile. I wanna say it was alot less than 100g….but I would say I eat at least 100g now & still lose weight as long as I keep away from the bad carbs.

I cut out pop along time ago, it’s so bad for you…hell, there is so much junk at the grocery store it’s crazy. The food industry is so corrupt.

I eat every 2.5-3hrs, I usually eat trail mix (just fruit & nuts, no m&ms) for my snacks, and drink alot of water.

I’m the same, I have the will power not to buy the junk, but if my wife does (and she does sometimes), or if she makes cupcakes or brownies, it’s too hard to resist, lol. I tell her not to buy the junk but she don’t listen, lol.