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1 scoop has 24g of protein, that’s the only protein shake I have for the day. When I 1st started working out, I tracked my intake using myfitnesspal, but once I got down to the weight I wanted I stopped tracking cuz I know what works for me. I would say I get about 75g a day, which is about right for my weight.

I try to stay away from carbs in general….but only the bad ones (sugar, white flour, etc). I have a terrible sweet tooth, sounds like we have the same bad habits ;). If I eat any sugar I’m like an addict, I gotta have more , so I try to keep away from it. I find if I can stay away from sugar & don’t have the cravings….I chew alot of gum though (all natural), so that has some sweetness.

good job keeping it off, that’s the hardest part!