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I’m currently on Sprint, been with them since 2004 when I got back from Germany. I was stationed in TN and the service was pretty bad, then I retired from the Army and now work for the Army as a civilian and took a job in FL and I have to say that the service is worse than what I had in TN.

I’m currently out of contract but going to switch to Verizon fairly soon, wife and son will stay with Sprint until their contracts are up and then they’ll switch.

The pricing is going to be the same on Verizon (unlimited talk, text and only 8GB data) as it is with Sprint.

The area is mainly service by Verizon and then AT&T comes in second, and of course Sprint is third, the Sprint tower is 10-12 miles from me but I use a Airvana from Sprint to get what service I got here at home.