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Robert Russell
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I can’t help but laugh at how the media turns things around such as this quote from Bill Gates. It just shows how there’s tons of fanboys out there for Android and Apple and they are quick to turn around a little quote like that to make Windows Phone look bad.

He’s clearly disappointed with their strategy from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Like the PocketNow article says, they were out first with smartphones and Pocket PC’s, but it was a limited crown, and mainly enterprise people…same with Blackberry. They weren’t targeted at the consumer at all.

Then the iPhone came out and all of that changed. The whole smartphone scene changed and went from being a business thing to a consumer thing. Then Android came along with the same views. Microsoft still sat on the old Windows Mobile, which was quickly getting out-dated by the competition. Blackberry had the same fault.

So as Windows Mobile continued to die, and Blackberry continued to die, now we’re getting Windows Phone and BB10 slowly making ground like Android did back when it was first launched.

I think Microsoft did the right thing by making a partnership with Nokia for Windows Phone. Nokia has really been pushing the platform and has been getting some of the big name apps to come over too.

IMO, they only need a few more things to really help them take off. They need to add a few more social features to the built-in People Hub, like Facebook tagging, liking of comments, etc.

Then they need a better Facebook app with all the features Android and iPhone have. Twitter released a major update today, Facebook needs to be next.

They need to get Instagram and Pandora like yesterday.

Once they accomplish that, then they need developers to push updates for their apps just as quick as they do on other platforms. I’m always seeing apps posting updates for Android and iPhone on the same day, but nothing for Windows Phone.

Finally, they need to stick it to BB10 and not even give them a fighting chance to pass them up.