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’nuff said! What’s your take on it all?

I don’t own a gun nor am do I know all the details but hope whatever is decided is based on facts and is actually a step in the right direction. I think we can all agree that the shootings are getting out of control but at the same time we all realize that it takes a person to pull the trigger. Society in general is deteriorating but I don’t see any government or law fixing the problem. Frankly it’s disappointing that these type of issues take center stage when the country has so many more pressing issues to address like the economy, illegal immigration, debt, education, etc. I say make changes that are reasonable to the gun laws, actually enforce laws that are already in place and find a way to secure our kids through enhanced security at schools. Just an idea but maybe we can stop funding Egypt’s military and divert those funds into the schools for armed guards? Just a thought.