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Ok… So this is what I did… I went home and put my ipod in DFU mode and did a full recovery from iTunes. It stripped the iPod down almost to factory reset. iTunes removed the Redsn0w tethered jailbreak and upgraded it iOS 6.1. Then I turned off iTunes and fired off Evasi0n… Untethered jailbreak took no more than 10-15 minutes… Everything went smoothly without a glitch.
Got my Pandora downloader (unlimited skips and no adds/commercials as well as song downloads) as well as Movie Box (streaming movie player). Both free and well worth the price of jailbreak.
I have no issues with any of the other features of the ipod… Although I did notice the silent camera addons from cydia are not silencing the shutter sound. Not a big deal… I just hate how loud it is… It’s not for creepin’.
Isntalled the free Glasklart theme via winterboard and NCSettings for some nice setting shortcuts on the drop down menu a-la Android. Renamed my carrier (from iPod to AZTECHKA) and remapped some of the home key functions (currently; long press brings up cydia)… I really missed “CABing” my windows mobile phone and was missing some of the gadgets in Android… Not any more. I’ll most likely be jailbreaking my iPhone as soon as I’m confident that Evasi0n is solid.