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Updating is not recommended as you lose jailbreak.
I see jailbreaking more like “CABing” WinMo phone.
You can change settings and stuff like that… Modify the look and even obtain some apps that apple rejected.
There are also hacks to change how some of your apps function ( unlimited skips and no adds on Pandora) Of course I don’t do that kind of stuff… But it’s out there.
The jailbreak process has gotten extremely simple… I remember rooting my GTab and putting CM7 on it and it took me and my son several hours of reading and tweaking to get it done. It was quite a process… Unjailbreaking is as simple as restoring from a back up. Just back up your phone to iTunes prior to jailbreak… If you want to return… Just restore the phone from iTunes and then restore the backup.
I probably sound like the android gurus sound to me… It’s simple to them.

Go to and watch the latest video about jailbreak using Evasi0n on your iOS 6.0 – 6.1 device.
It is a snap.