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Robert Russell
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Android is the #1 OS, but Apple is the #1 hardware manufacturer…since Android is on different hardware and iOS is only on Apple’s.

I just told my wife today that I might want to switch away from WP8…I keep seeing how apps are changing and new features and WP8 is left out in the dust or get the updates months late.

With the Facebook announcement yesterday, they talked about updating mobile, but only mentioned Android and iPhone…WP8 wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Slacker Radio rolled out their big UI change and updated the website and their Android and iPhone apps, while WP8 is still left in the dust….I can’t even use my premium subscription with it since it doesn’t support any of those features…only the plus subscription. Not to mention there’s STILL no Pandora.

I still love the platform and how they’re trying to develop their ecosystem, but they need 3rd party devs/apps to step up willingly.