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I was going to mention that lol. I honestly don’t really know what Samsung did to become so big so fast with Android, because honestly Sense > TouchWhiz IMO.

I think one thing that helped Samsung is their one device model as their flagship, the Galaxy S series. They didn’t have a flagship on one carrier, and another with a different one. HTC had the Evo on Sprint, the One X on At&t, Incredible on Verizon, etc….and all of them were a little different from each other.

So I could see from a component manufacturer’s perspective…that would kinda piss me off lol. Then there’s things like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone, the same phone across all carriers with a different logo. The carriers can make up whatever names they want for them, but in the end, they’re all Galaxy S phones. Samsung made the right move.

Samsung is number one because like you said they focused on the galaxy series and also because they market their devices so much better and have infinite amounts of marketing dollars compared to HTC. I agree sense is better but it’s also bogged down compared to others but sense 5 is definitely lighter from what i hear so that’s good. I still say the HTC One needed to be a game changer for HTC to turn things around. Based off the reviews I’ve seen and comparison with other devices it is a very good device but may not even be the best device in the market when it releases. I think the criteria should be the best appearance, most customizable, best camera, best performance, etc. I think they certainly got the best looking device for sure and may very well be tops in performance but certainly not going to beat others in customization and camera. Certainly not the best by mid year when Apple releases the 5s and other Android devices come out with snapdragon 800 under the hood. I bet IP5s is released mid year with a camera that will blow the doors off everyone else this year.
I really like HTC and would get this device in a heartbeat. But since I value the camera performance highest and after seeing the camera comparisons I honestly feel its still a step behind the ip5, lumia 920, note2, and a few others including the sg4. Just not good enough imo especially when they market the camera as amazing.