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@orangekid 1102724 wrote:

Sad to say it but I think the SGS4 is going to kick this thing’s ass market-wise. I love HTC build quality but I just cannot stand that whole “dev unlock” and hboot updates that make it hard to root and impossible to S Off and all this stuff, not only that but Samsung is so much better at marketing it’s not even funny.

I really do like HTC’s build quality am more excited about SLCD3 than amoled screens, but at the end of the day I may end up with a GS4.

Agreed. Never owned a Samsung device but there’s no doubting their dominance due to their marketing and brand awareness. They cater to all consumers as well whether it be folks like us that like to tweak or casual users. HTC’s only chance with the One is to make it a true game changer. Great design, specs and amazing camera combined with timely updates and tons of marketing. The SG4 will most likely be it’s equal in most respects but with an improved camera, expandable storage and removable battery. I guess time will tell.