EA Enables Gamers To Use A Single Login Across All Platforms

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One feature that many casual gamers have waited for is the ability to stop playing a game on one device and start playing where you left off on another. Very few games have this ability, and now EA has upgraded their system to allow this, whether you’re playing a game on Facebook, Origin, Playstation, Xbox, iPhone, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, etc, you’ll now be able to have a unified login that let’s you pickup in games where you left off.

The task took a team of 1,500 engineers more than 18 months to complete. EA can use the telemetry from the tracking to make recommendations to a player on a faster cycle. “It used to take one or two days before we could make a recommendation, but now we can do so on an hourly basis and are moving to real time,” Taneja said. “We can do better custom offers, promotion, and reaction to gamer feedback.”

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