Denial-Of-Service Attacks – HSBC, GitHub, & YouTube?

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Denial-Of-Service Attacks - HSBC, GitHub, & YouTube? 1

Today seems to be a day of hacker attacks, more specifically, denial-of-service attacks. They’re probably not related, but HSBC, GitHub, and even YouTube has experienced outages today.

YouTube wasn’t down for very long, and issued the following statement:

Some users encountered errors, or a slower than normal experience on YouTube today. Our engineers worked quickly to address the issue and fixed the problem within minutes. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this caused our users.

HSBC, on the other hand, has been down for almost 2 hours now and has issued this statement:

This denial-of-service attack did not affect any customer data, but did prevent customers using HSBC online services, including Internet banking.

We are taking appropriate action, working hard to restore service. We are pleased to say that some sites are now back up and running.

We are cooperating with the relevant authorities and will cooperate with other organizations that have been similarly affected by such criminal acts.

GitHub issued these statements:

We are experiencing issues due to a DDOS attack, working hard to restore service.

We’re experiencing some connectivity issues at the moment. is currently unavailable while we resolve this.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of a more widespread attack and its just coincidence.

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