At&t Introduces Next: Upgrade Your Smartphone Or Tablet Every Year

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Last week, T-Mobile introduced their JUMP upgrade program, where you can upgrade your device up to twice a year for $10/month. Today, At&t is introducing Next, which is a similar upgrade plan. With Next, you can upgrade your device every year.

You won’t get charged a device fee, activation fee or finance fee. Similar to the T-Mobile plan, your device will be added to your monthly bill for 20 months at the rate of $15-$50/month, depending on the device. After 12 months, you can upgrade your device and the 20 months will start over at the rate of the new device. If you decide to keep your device, the monthly fee will stop after 20 months.


– No device fee
– No activation fee
– No finance fee
– Pay $15-$50/month, depending on device, for 20 months
– Upgrade after 12 months and your 20 months start over at the rate for the new device

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