Apple Unveils OS X Mavericks At WWDC

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wwdc_mediumToday is the WWDC conference, which is where a lot of new products get announced, including some from Apple. While we all wait patiently to hear about the possibility of the new iPhone and iOS7, Apple has announced the new OS X Mavericks operating system with some pretty neat features. The new operating system will be bringing on Finder Tabs, Tags, and Multiple Display functionality to desktop computers. A few iOS apps are also making their way to OS X Mavericks.


With tags, files and folders will be able to be labeled the way the user wants. This will make searching the desktop system a bit more functional. If a user would like to tag a folder “home” and “remodel”, searching for either of these terms will bring up said folder.

Finder Tabs

With Finder Tabs, users will be able to have a single window with multiple tabs, similar to how our modern-day web browsers work.

Multiple Displays

With the Multiple Displays functionality, you’ll no longer need to use systems like SplashTop to extend your display. With this feature in Mavericks, the Mac will be able to push an extended display – or a mirrored display, if you like – to another Apple computer wirelessly. This is connected with Wi-fi network technology via AirPlay. This system also works with Apple TV, meaning you’ll be able to mirror a Mac’s display to an HDTV.

Maps & iBooks

The Apple Maps and iBooks apps will also be coming to OS X Mavericks.

iOS Notifications

If you use a Mac and an iOS device, OS X Mavericks now has the ability to push iOS notifications directly to your Mac, regardless of whether or not Safari is open.

New Safari Browser

Apple has also announced a new version of their Safari browser that will be available with OS X Mavericks. It’ll include faster JavaScript performance, which Apple claims will beat Chrome and Firefox. The new browser will also feature OS X’s power nap feature, which will greatly reduce power consumption. They’ve also included a new sidebar, which will give you access to your bookmarks and your reading lists. They’ve also added the iCloud Keychain, which is a cloud-based password manager, which can also store your credit card information, among other things.


The new OS X Mavericks will be available this fall. If you’re a developer, you can get a dev preview version today!

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