Apollo+ Windows Phone 8 Update To Be Out Q1 2013 Possibly

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Apollo+ Windows Phone 8 Update To Be Out Q1 2013 Possibly 1

With the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices fully underway, there’s a rumor floating around the internet today that Apollo+ (Apollo Plus), the first major update to Windows Phone 8, could be pushed out as early as Q1 2013. There’s no concrete evidence of this, other than a Twitter post by @Football4PDA. There’s plenty of speculation going around as to what might be included in the update, but no official announcement yet.

Rumors include a Notification Center, WiFi Always-On option, Separate audio volume controls, and VPN support. WPCentral is rating this rumor a 7/10, as “there’s a good chance” this rumor is true.

I think this would be perfect timing for Microsoft. There’s some of us early adopters out there, plus all of the people that will buy the phones over the holidays, so pushing out an update a few months after purchase would be a good confidence builder for consumers.

In addition to those much-anticipated features, I would like to see Facebook (or Me Tile) notification sounds, especially when a “close friend” posts something. I would also like to see better tagging options with the built-in Facebook options, such as check-ins or status updates. Right now you have to use the Facebook app for those. An option to Share pictures posted by friends would also be nice, seeing as the iPhone just got this feature.

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